The ground is moving

2-channel-installation or single channel video
10:00 min (2 min excerpts)

In this video installation we see different places of a city. In slow horizontal movements the camera pans across façades and greenery. It’s like an extended moment in the summer, at sunset, when a strong light is hitting the sceneries almost horizontally and dividing them in light and dark zones. People traverse from light to dark or vice versa, as if the overstepping of this border was something very significant or magical. The dark zones are getting only a dimension through the actors’ movements. They become figures appearing or disappearing from further away, from the depth of an undefined black space behind the façades. One could call it backstage or behind the scenes, where a parallel world seems to exist. It’s something like a time- and spaceless existence, where humans come from and go back into.

Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin, projection ‘The ground is moving’, Centre Pompidou, Paris, November 2011