Still seeing disappeared the sailors

single channel video
9:50 min (2:20 min excerpt)
SD Pal

The video shows a group of men, gathered in the hall of a public building. The men speak, laugh and observe. Some leave and return later; they behave strangely. The unconscious rules of social behavior are disrupted by unexpected dynamics and gestures.

performer: Jean-Paul Bezzina, Mauro Bordin, Nicolas Buchoux, Nicolas Carpentier, Massimo Carrozzo, Daniel Collados, Antoine Colnot, Jean-Marc Coudert, Alexandre Delawarde, Jean-Christophe Laurier, Franklin Roulot, Ydire Saïdi, David Seigneur, Gregor Siber, Clemens Stolzenberg, Jonas Zipf.

sounddesign: Thomas Jeker