Ethiopian Run

single channel video
14 min (2:10 min excerpt)

A group of young Ethiopians is gathering in a hall. Some of them instruct the others what to do by calling them by their names. Each student faces the camera for a moment. Later, other formations inside the hall are taken, which happens through choreographed actions: new shoes are put on (Ethiopia’s export of leather products is significant), a starting line is marked on the floor and the group gets ready to start a race. The young Ethiopians represent a new generation outside of the western world, and our gaze must withstand their powerfull presence.

Premiere: VideoWindow zu Gast in der Galerie Bob Gysin, Zürich, October 6th 2015
Screenings: 3rd Minikino Film Week – Int’l Short Film Festival Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (10’2017); 1st International Independent Permanent Memories Festival, Italy (06’2017); ’hier – dort’, Benzeholz, Meggen/Luzern (05’2017); 6th Colortape International Film Festival, Australia (05’2017); 6th Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, Wales (05’2017); 4th International Motion Festival, Cyprus (05’2017); 1st Festival Internacional de Cine del Cono Sur, Chile (04’2017); Festival of Tolerance – JFF Zagreb (04’2017); MADATAC 08, Centro Conde Duque, Madrid (01’2017); Sweet as Film Festival, Montréal/Canada (12’2016); 18th Madurai Film Festival, India (12’2016); 14th Int. Short & Independent Film Festival Dhaka, Bangladesh (12’2016); Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival (EAMIF) (11’2016); FIAC Paris, Cinéphémère, Jardins des Tuileries (10’2016); Oslo Night, HEK Basel (09’2016); Festival Kugoma, Maputo/Moçambique (09’2016); Festival Kinono, Tinos Island, GR (07’2016); FID Festival International de Cinéma Marseille (07’2016); VideoEx, Zürich (05’2016); 51. Solothurner Filmtage (01’2016).